Split leather Counters

L&B Counter

L&B Counter: leather & board counter

Made by bonding a split leather sheet and our unique impregnated board, its higher impregnation ratio permits to make profit of the authentic leather texture, while reducing shrinkage that is peculiar to natural leather and keeping the shape.
The counter hardness will depend on the type of board it uses, and we can provide the right hardness for your convenience:

Soft(blue print) most popular type, especially used with kip (6 months to 2 years old bull) and steer (more than 2 years old ox) leather shoes.
High soft (red print) for shoes with a soft finish, for example: calf leather shoes.
Hard(green print) for hard and robust shoes like men’s shoes and boots. Also fits silky and enamel leathers.
Split leather & Split leather counter

Split leather & Split leather counter

The traditional counter made by bonding split leather sheets. It has the flexibility peculiar to natural leather, making easy for the lasting.

One sheet counter

Making maximum profit of nibe leather fibers. As it is made of one sheet of leather, it molds on and shows the form of the last well. Very light.

Reinforced counter

Another sheet of split leather is bond to the L&B counter. Fitted for dance shoes and outdoor boots.

Full grain leather counter

Counter made with full grain tanned leather provided from Tochigi Leather (worldwide famous for its fine natural tanned leather, since 1937). Flexible and with a nice elasticity, it’s also light.

Hot melt counters

Hot melt counters

The same counters as above are coated with hot melt adhesive agent activated upon high temperature. Whole surface coat or one side coat, as desired.

Toe cores

Toe cores

From full grain tanned leather, split leather, rubber, hot melt coated leather… Ask for the hardness and the thickness you need.



We can provide any kind of material combination at the request of the client, from high impact-resilient cushioning material EVA to low rebound flexible polyurethane foam, or a medium-repulsion cushion foam composed of high density polyurethane and rubber materials.

Leather piece to bond on the last for size adjustment(Nosekou)


Made of full grain tanned leather, please ask for the thickness you need.

We also do leather cutting, leather skiving, counter matrix manufacture.
Please ask for further information.